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We offer: Flags, Flagpoles, Flagpole Repair, & just about anything having to do with flags!
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H. A. Peterson & Sons, Inc.
H.A. Peterson & Sons, Inc.: Flags, Flagpoles, & Flagpole Repairs

H.A. Peterson & Sons, Inc. offers flags, flagpoles, flagpole repair, corporate flags, banners, state flags, country flags, sports flags, and much more!

Contact Us today so we may assist you with all your Flag needs.

Flag Services

American Flags

International Flags

 State Flags

Historical Flags

Armed Forces Flags

and Custom Created Logo Flags.


Flag Pole Services

Residential Flagpoles,

Commercial Flagpoles,

and Nautical Flagpoles.

Our flagpoles are available in Aluminum, Bronze, Fiberglass, Powder Coated Finishes, Stainless Steel, and Steel. All of our flagpoles are available in Ground Set, Vertical Wall Mount, Outrigger, Shoe Base, Nautical, and we offer custom designed solutions.


Flagpole Repairs

If you have a roof mounted or wall mounted flagpole that is in need of repair we can assist you. We offer one of the rarest services in the world: flag pole climbing. If your flagpole cannot be accessed by a crane or a lift we will climb your flagpole and make any necessary repairs to it.

Please contact us to discuss your flagpole maintenance issues. 

Repairs are offered anywhere in the world!



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